Passion Boots- Jessica Scheel (english)

December 6, 2015


For IN THEIR SHOES first edition, we choose Jessica Scheel, Jessica is Miss Guatemala 2010 , she classified into the top 10 finalists at Miss Universe, and since then she has been working with different foundations and associations.

We paired up with Jessica and helped her design a pair of boots . She was sure about two things: she wanted fringe tassles and gray leather, but the most difficult part for her was choosing the textile. With infinite options to choose from and with Marta's help (an indigenous women that sells upcycled huipils to us) she choose the fabric that would bring her design to life!

We started working on the boots and in the meantime she took us to PASSION ASSOCIATION, located in Guatemala's dumpster in zone 3. Passion is a small piece of heaven filled with people that volunteer there, they are angels that bring joy and fill these childrens day with love, making them forget about where they are. Passion feeds and educates children that live there and awards scholarships to children so they can attend school. One of these angels is Jessica who goes there at least once a week to volunteer.

 Jessica is so much more than a beautiful women she has a big heart and uses her voice to help and raise consciousness about children in need , that’s why we choose Jessica, we admire her and think she is a Role Model who has used her popularity to do good and change others lives.

As soon as Jessica walks into Passion all children run to hug her, she knows everyone by name, hugs them and kisses them. The place is realy small, they have a small classroom with toys, crayons, tables and chairs and a small kitchen in the corner, upstairs they have a tiny computer lab with 5 computers and a doctor checks on the children once a week.

Outside, in the comunity hall they have more tables, children play surrounded by their homes, right in the dumpsters heart.

I see a five year old girl babysitting her one year old brother, she feeds him, changes him, and conforts him all day long, their mom is a drug addict ,so Passion takes care of them during the day, she cannot go to school, she has to take care of her brother, but at Passion she feels she is home.

We left Passion Association with our heart filled with hope, thinking that together we can make a change and help them. A week later we had our shoe sample, Jessica loved them and we cannot wait to gather profits and draw some smiles.

Children deserve to be children, to feel safe, to be loved, to eat well and be educated.
Passion helps to satisfy all of those needs; please help us, help by buying these boots that are made with love, and that are going to help Passion continue with their mission on raising children.


In their shoes- Creating a path of compassion and leaving a trail of love. <3

Here are some pictures from behind the scenes of our first edition of "IN THEIR SHOES" XO


Passion Boots VIDEO:




Photos: Anfibio Producciones

Graphic design: Hilo Creativo

Jessica Scheel Miss Guatemala 2010











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